What is phonics?                                          

If your child , grandchild, niece or nephew has started Preschool or School you will have heard a lot

about phonics, but you may not know what and how your child is learning .  Phonics is taught

from Pre School Nursery until year 2 and children continue to use the method throughout their

primary school years in helping to learn to read and write.

When phonics lessons are first taught in school children start to recognise the sounds that an individual 

letter makes.  there are 26 letters in the English alphabet and those letters make 44 sounds.

Children also learn the sounds that different combinations  of these letters make, like "oo" or "sh".

Once children are confident with these new sounds, they can decode new words they see or hear.

An enthusiastic home approach towards phonics will give your child a head start and make learning

at school even more fun and relevant.  Ask any teacher and they will tell you what a huge difference

input at home makes to a child's progress.  

A fun sound on one of our products will stimulate family discussion about all sounds and

fire up imagination and interest!

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