little smarts story

Hi, my name is Niki, the children are my 3 urchins and my inspiration for little smarts.

 I first had the idea of a phonics inspired clothing brand when my eldest son started learning phonics in reception class.  I remember Archie coming home with his reading books and telling me how to pronounce the letters and how to blend them, I was getting them wrong!  I struggled as I was of the generation that didn't  use the phonics method at school and we were taught the alphabet and to memorise words.  I found this quite complex with phonemes, graphemes, Trigraphs and Digraphs... then I thought of ways in which children and their parents can learn together through everyday activity.  

 With a retail and marketing background and help from my family who have 25 years of combined  Primary school years of teaching, I thought of a clothing line so children can practise the sounds with parents when getting dressed.


I was lucky enough to find leeds based designer, Mark Frudd, and soon little smarts was born.  I am hoping that little smarts can stimulate phonic awareness in a fun way outside of school with both friends and family.

 the sounds can be heard on the home page.


 We hope you love them! 


a big thank you to everyone who has supported, encouraged and helped me in 

launching little smarts.

Niki x